UCCW beauty revealed!


Eloquent yet simplified customization of your homescreen. Completely diverse UI in which the user can completely control the look, feel and function of your device. A totally new, unique way for you to stick out from the crowd and strut your stuff!

If the sound of this doesn’t entice you, then customization of your Android device may not be the blip on your radar that it is for me. New ways to make your phone yours are constantly being innovated, tweaked and built upon. However this isn’t just a replacement launcher or a theme for theme chooser, no no. It’s a new idea that understands that in Android, everything is an App or widget. Utilizing this thought process, UCCW takes you into a world of skins, themes and icon packs that in combination, can give you a totally personal and one of a kind homescreen full of style and capabilities!


Of course it will take some time for you to learn the ins and outs of the App and how to use all of the various customization tools. However, it is a very easy and well planned design which will allow you to edit and save your creations without losing any work. The above screenshot is a prime example of the unique style and all around coolness that the UCCW app can give, plus some really cool functionality to go with it. Don’t expect to build something this fancy right out of the gates, it will take some time, practice, and a little artistic vision. Having said that you will find the ease and layout of the widget building VERY easy and non intimidating. For a new user I would suggest going here to get a “feel” for the way things work. It gives you a very basic breakdown of how to implement all of the awesome features this powerhouse App has to offer! If all else fails check YouTube.

Of course, I understand that not ALL of you out there in droid verse have the time, or energy, or even CARE to devote yourselves to completely starting a UCCW creation from scratch. Fear not! There is a steady diet of fresh, completely FREE themes,widgets and skins available at your fingertips. First stop will be the Google Play Store. Her you can find both free and donate versions of various components relating to UCCW. This is work of individuals that they deemed good enough to hit the play store and wanted the world to see. This could be you one day, making beautiful things for your Android that could potentially reach millions of people, and even put some money in your pocket!


Minimal but effective

There are also different sides to be revealed. Above is a more eloquent,  refined approach to the UCCW idea. With the ability to have such varying displays and endless options, it’s no surprise this “trend” of customization has spread like wildfire. For an example of online themes, forum “talk” and endless inspiration for ideas, check out this XDA developers thread, quite nice. Be sure to thank those guys and gals for their tremendous effort and willingness to share their work! It will surely give you even more of an understanding of what UCCW is all about and what can be accomplished with this amazing tool/App. If you’re interested you can always check the App reviews in the Play Store, as well as reviews for the themes, skins and all other add- ons that are available for download there. Happy building everyone and hope you enjoy this App as much as I have!