Screen of The Day! Paranoid Prefs by Caseyls

Coming from the Optimus V to the Nexus 4, after some time, Casey has yet another entry for us to like and share!

His used materials were:

Infos from Casey:

  • Nexus 4
  • ParanoidAndroid 2.99.9
  • Wallpaper:  (Original Credit to the PA Team, I just took their app and made it into a wallpaper :P)
  • UCCW For everything except the weather
  • Eye in the Sky for the Weather (Best weather app out there btw, try it!)
  • Icons: From BlackBearBlanc’s page on XDA, it’s one of the first few posts.

PLEASE! I insist you visit his Deviant account for more and downloads :



SoD – Charley Atwell

What’s up guys?

Here is the first screen of the day (SoD) featured on DroidVoid.


First of all, I would like to congratulate our fellow kzimir2 for making such a clean screen and posting it with all the details needed here. For this screen, we will need the following apps, as stated by the author:

Wallpaper Charley Atwell (which was added to his post, see the details link above).
Icons Suave HD
Widgets Premier Frame Widget (free app on PlayStore)

As you can see, there’s nothing too fancy in this screen, except the fact that it has a very clean minimalistic look alongside with a beautiful view (obviously everyone’s looking at those mellons).

It is made using the Nova Launcher with a 6×7 home grid + dock enabled where kzimir2 has dropped 4 Suave HD icons: calls, browser, messaging and camera.

ROM used was PACman with the color for the status bar as transparent.

Congratulations once again to kzimir2 and hope to see you next time on Screen of the Day here at DroidVoid.

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