Themes – Mianogen

If you are like me and you love to customize your smartphone (you’ll achieve much more customization features once you’ve rooted and installed a custom rom on your phone), you will find this theme very neat and classy.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you “Mianogen” theme, made by Recognized Contributor “tung91“.


Please note that these screenshots are made on a Paranoid Android ROM, with a tweaked DPI – so you will not get the same scheme for status bar, settings, sms app but you will get the same great graphics look.

Tung91 choose to replace the stock icons in AOSP ROM’s with Google JKF ones – a very smart move if you will. Those icons are so great, I wonder why Google didn’t implemented those in their Android versions until now. They are used in numerous Google apps around the world wide web, such as Google Calendar. You can find other Google icons in their G+ account: Here

As far as what made Tung91 to make this new theme, he quickly briefs us:

I just help my friend to make a CM theme and he want to make it simple as original, but replace some stock resource with MIUI’s resource to avoid “boring” and change to my favourite color – blue …. maybe you like it too , or not , but i’m just sharing it here.

Screenshot_2013-01-22-19-32-09As you can see in the above screenshot, he made a clean black background with a blue line – to match the stock ICS/Jellybean theme. The icons from the status bar are simple but yet powerful reworked. I personally like the battery icon, it seems like one of the UCCW widgets made around the xda forums. Please note that the status bar color is stock background color – which is BLACK, but as I am using PA rom, I modified the color to match more with this theme. You’ll probably tempted to say that this theme has nothing gray in it.

Until now…

In the next screenshot you will see pièce de résistance! The background of the Settings application is just beautiful! It matches so well with the JFK Icon, blue lines and with the small icons that are featured for every single setting you can make for your phone.


Let me tell you something. I am a custom ROM lover from around 2009. All my smartphones we’re rooted and boosted with custom ROMs in first two-three weeks, so I installed a lot of Themes for CM7/CM9/CM10 and I was yet to find one that I would keep for more than one week. But this theme captured me in its simplicity that I am amazed I was not temped to move to another one. Indeed, you can bring a lot of arguments, there are a lot of themes and you can easily find the one you like the most, but for me, this is the right theme to go with if you are into minimalistic stuff.

There is also a PAID version for this theme if you want to support the developer – it can be similar with the free version or it can be slightly modified. Also, Tung91 is so nice, that he made also a “paid” version – it is a link to his paypal account and he stated that you can buy the theme with your own price. You pay how much you want, he receives the payment and he will provide you a download link for the paid version. Pretty great if you ask me. The reason for this “pay how much you like” action is that, he wants to raise money to buy a One X phone.

So go check this theme, here on xda forums and if you really love it as much as I do, please do pay how much you want to support the developer who is actually paying a lot of time and resources into making your favourite smartphone to look sleek.

This theme was proudly presented to you by DroidVoid team, until the next time, Flash’n’Customize, my friends!


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