LMT PIE tastes great!


The FUTURE is here….

If you are reading this and have no clue what a replacement launcher/homescreen is for your Android device, then this review cannot explain the sheer greatness that the LMT launcher has brought to the Android community! I will do my best to unleash it’s power for you in this article, however seeing is believing. And you just have to see this. Those accustomed to the usual launchers available..ADW, Go Launcher,etc. will be delighted to see the PIE layers and array of customization options found in it’s crust.

As of now, the APK is only available on XDA as far as I know.  Follow all instructions posted there and also in the App settings. Here is a Youtube video with a great visual as well. The PIE concept was adopted from the ever famous Paranoid  Android Rom, but now available without it. GREAT news for those not lucky enough to have a build for their devices!


Now please don’t be intimidated by all the bells and whistles. It WILL take some effort on your part to customize the PIE layers the way you want them. There are no preset values for Apps or toggles, etc. Which is beautiful in design really, complete control over the UI this way. Gesture features are also available, along with an ‘invisible swipe’ setting that really sets this apart from anything I’ve tried on any Android device. I’ve currently gotten it up and running on my HTC HOV, and wow is it sexy! I’d recommend that anyone interested in the newest craze for Android customization with a rooted device should give this a try. If you can’t find your device in the settings options, play with it! It thinks I’m using a HTC ONE x….so give it a try and give the guys who brought this to you a HUGE thanks button smash!!!!!