Android Kitchen – Dsixda ( all in one rom customization)


             Compatible with Windows (Cygwin) / Linux / Mac OS X

Who is this kitchen for:

Those who are brand new to creating custom ROMs and want an easy place to start learning.
Those who just want to modify shipped ROMs or someone else’s custom ROMs to their liking.
Those who are confused by all those scripts and complex commands required for building and extracting.


This is NOT a tool to automatically turn you into a full-fledged ROM developer. ROM development normally involves work from the ground up and involves time, research and patience. I am just giving the tools to help the average person get things done quickly from an existing base.

This kitchen is mainly intended for HTC devices 

WARNING: If you have a newer HTC device that is not LISTED ON THE SITE, do not attempt to flash a ROM that you built with this kitchen. Instead, you must do the following if your device is NOT listed below:

Create a file under the kitchen’s /tools/edify_defs folder, with the name being the same as the value of ro.product.device (found in your device’s /system/build.prop file).
See the template file in the edify_defs folder to see how to set the mount points inside the file you created. Look at the other files in that folder for example

There is also support for  non-HTC devices (and perhaps more that are not mentioned on the link):
NOTE: If your device is not mentioned here, then I don’t know the extent of its support – please don’t ask.

note – a custom recovery is needed to flash these custom rom’s!

kitchen download and help

for setup instructions; for problems using the kitchen
for ROM issues, such as your device not booting

download kitchen- Here

release notes – Here

help and frequently asked questions and their answers – Here

Optional – Download User – Contributed Plugins (used in Advanced Menu of Kitchen)

android builder – Here Downloads the Android open source code for use with the kitchen)

application verifier for data partition – Here  ( Fixes issue where certain apps under /data/app folder of ROM cause force-close)

update hosts – Here ( generates an ad-free host files)

some quick hints on what file is what

boot.img – This file is a binary representation of the root file system of the device. It contains the system kernel and all files required to start the core part of Android
system – This is a directory containing all files found under /system on a running Android device. It has exactly the same layout.
META-INF – This is directory containing the update manifest and script. The manifest is a file which lists all file included in the update, with their SHA1 checksums. The update script is used to apply the update on a device