Ready, Set, FLASH?

Custom ROMs. It’s a loosely used term here in the world of us Android enthusiasts. Yet most of the people I talk to about their awesome Android devices don’t know their OS version. Let alone what a Custom Rom is. WE can change all that.Let’s get excited about our chance to share what we have so much confidence in. Android.

Truly the best way to spread the word is do just that. My mother in law just bought an iPhone 5 but was completely blown away by the functions of the custom software installed on my HTC One V (HOV) and wished she had bought an Android device after seeing one in action. So please brag, show off your devices and the power of Google and Android. Now this is not a call to arms for the whole droid universe to be running custom ROMs. Yet an attempt at letting the world know how to maximize their experience with Google. We know these devices better than anyone, and we should share the wealth so to speak. Hey, maybe along the way make an iPhone jealous. So go grab your mom, cousin, boss and show them the joy of what we know Android to be!

With our concentrated efforts pointed in the right directions, we can make this happen. From the knowledge we pour onto these pages to that helpful hint you gave to the “noob” in your favorite Android forums; share the passion and let others see what we see when we unlock that screen!