HTC One V – Our day to day toy

                                                                                                  HTC One V

The HTC One V, known as HOV, features a unique curved-chin design that makes it easy to hold and a distinctive accessory to your life. But don’t be deceived by its compact size. Like all One series phones, it packs an impressive list of features including a best-in-class camera.

Camera- there’s no delay in the camera’s loading time and it also comes packed with a zero shutter delay also added to the awesomeness is the 720p HD video recording with a 5mp camera!

Sound- HOV comes with the mighty and powerful feature called ‘Beats Audio , so everything you listen on your phone, be it music or some random youtube video it all comes roaring with the powerful bass effect.

Design – The One V comes with a uniquely curved chin design and a metal body available in black, silver, brown colours and with a 3.7 inch touch screen – it’s all together a fantastic phone.

So my fellow bloggers, any question about the phone, ROMs available, rooting, you can ask in the comments section; all your queries will be answered as soon as possible by our team.