Google+ > Facebook….trust us!


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Social media, networking, or just trying to “stay in touch” with friends and family. In some way, shape or fashion we ALL are globally connected. Of course, some of us more than others. Before you continue reading…be warned that the following is not a comparison but a beat down…where it ends badly for the capitol blue FTo be fair I do have a Facebook account, and occasionally check and post stuff. Usually I feel my time has been wasted however……. 

The alternative to the Big blue brother is G+. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then take a look here to get an understanding of the power of Google, and the recent “trend” making it’s voice heard and placing  second in the most used  social media war. All since the summer of 2011. There’s no ignoring that little +1 tag on almost all websites you visit, as well as the “buzz” created by a new social medium. Anyone with a Gmail account is game, and the use of your account is across the spectrum. Making for a seamless experience with very little effort from the user to share their personal and business lives with the world, or just a select circle of friends.

Features, features, and oh yeah features. Almost too many to go into detail honestly, so I’ll delve into the ones that I believe make it heads and shoulders above the rest. First off, you can group all your friends in selected circles, or groups, and decide what content to share with what group, even on a per post basis. Ensuring that the bar pic you want to share with your friends isn’t seen by your boss. Or maybe it is? The choice is yours! Next is the hangout feature. Basically you can video chat with a group of your friends online, from your mobile or your PC. Obviously the mobile access to this is awesome. Connect in real time to anyone in your circles, and a group session can be spontaneous or planned, giving flexibility to your chat times! Recently they’ve added a communities section. It’s really a huge addition that gives you the ability to join communities of online people, all interested in the same things. This is also an independent collection of friends if you like, or hand select them to join your other circles. Creating an atmosphere in which you are in complete control, making fluid use of your time and posts or sharing. Check out this for even more YouTube buzz and features.

I understand that the task of migrating from the same old thing to a new one can be daunting. While G+ may not replace the others this year, or next. Second is close and for many, including myself, the transition was easy. The true task is now showing the world that their is an alternative. When I check my G+ stream I want to not only see great posts about science, technology, and news; but also my family and closest friends, and this is happening, finally. So please, download the App , scope it out, drop Facebook and tell your friends!