Screen of The Day! Paranoid Prefs by Caseyls

Coming from the Optimus V to the Nexus 4, after some time, Casey has yet another entry for us to like and share!

His used materials were:

Infos from Casey:

  • Nexus 4
  • ParanoidAndroid 2.99.9
  • Wallpaper:  (Original Credit to the PA Team, I just took their app and made it into a wallpaper :P)
  • UCCW For everything except the weather
  • Eye in the Sky for the Weather (Best weather app out there btw, try it!)
  • Icons: From BlackBearBlanc’s page on XDA, it’s one of the first few posts.

PLEASE! I insist you visit his Deviant account for more and downloads :



CyanogenMod 10.1 is SEXY!


What’s up DroidVoid readers? We ready for our next SoD?

This Screen of the Day is brought to you by Thispaininmyhead. The screenshot was sent to me via his HTC EVO LTE. The following is a list of what you see and will help you identify what you like….. Lets get started!!!


Unofficial CM10.1 by kushdeck and toastcfh.


ADW (ex) with the “Red Metal Edge” theme on top.


“Crimson Cobalt” CyanogenMod theme.

Wallpaper and widget

Beautiful Widgets 4X1 super clock with “Red Bracketed” skin over a modded Expendables wallpaper from the Zedge App.

There it is our next SoD! If dark is what you like then this screen is right up your alley.  Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for our next episode.