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Hey there everybody,

Today we will review a much loved app called WhatsApp+ (earlier known as WhatsApp plus)

For those who do not know what WhatsApp is :-

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that?

You use it for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.

In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.The first year is available for free as a trial usage, after a year its less that  1 $,believe me its worth it after all it does not even come with ADS

Here is a link to the site, if you need to know more about it.



Now after a while you expect something more from this app, perhaps a new interface may spark up your mood. And lucky for you an amazing android themer called Rafalense ,modified the framework so that we can individually theme it, now is that not good?

Link to rafalense’s  post about whats app plus- click

Link to his pay-pal donation ID-click

Lets begin our journey 😀

To start with,

This app allows you to theme, almost every aspect of your what app

Lets start from the very beginning

1.The first option allows you to check is he has updated the apk file from the app it self

2.Themes-it gives you a option

  • Save your current theme
  • Load a saved theme
  • Download a theme  from some where
  • Share your theme
  • And reset

3.The conversation screen

—> Its basically the header and the conent in the chat like the chat bubble,  send button

4.Main/Chat screen

—>This is the screen that appears when you open whats app

5.Contacts Screen

—>This is bacically the screen which appears when search for your contatcs inside whatsapp

6.Pop-UP notification

—>This option allows you to modify the Pop Up notification that comes when some one buzzes you

7.Media sharing

—>This lets you change/increase/decerease the upload limit

—>Hide play/pause button and more

8.Other Mods

—>This lets you change the notification icon, squared pics, weather or not to show your pic in every chat line,etc


Here are the links to two themes i made

1.I made this for myself (screenies here click)

dowload   the above theme here (click)

2. I made this one for my girl(Screenies here  and another here)

download the above theme here (click)

To apply these themes follow these steps

  1. open whats app +
  2. click your menu button –> PLUS
  3. Themes
  4. Load
  5. it will bring you a file explorer
  6. now navigate to where ever you have download the file
  7. click and restart whats app
  8. and enjoy 😀

Here is the direct download link ,


WhatsApp+ Holo


WhatsApp+ theme collection



  • Rafalense
  • XDA-developers
  • 1cebox for creating this blog this site

LMT PIE tastes great!


The FUTURE is here….

If you are reading this and have no clue what a replacement launcher/homescreen is for your Android device, then this review cannot explain the sheer greatness that the LMT launcher has brought to the Android community! I will do my best to unleash it’s power for you in this article, however seeing is believing. And you just have to see this. Those accustomed to the usual launchers available..ADW, Go Launcher,etc. will be delighted to see the PIE layers and array of customization options found in it’s crust.

As of now, the APK is only available on XDA as far as I know.  Follow all instructions posted there and also in the App settings. Here is a Youtube video with a great visual as well. The PIE concept was adopted from the ever famous Paranoid  Android Rom, but now available without it. GREAT news for those not lucky enough to have a build for their devices!


Now please don’t be intimidated by all the bells and whistles. It WILL take some effort on your part to customize the PIE layers the way you want them. There are no preset values for Apps or toggles, etc. Which is beautiful in design really, complete control over the UI this way. Gesture features are also available, along with an ‘invisible swipe’ setting that really sets this apart from anything I’ve tried on any Android device. I’ve currently gotten it up and running on my HTC HOV, and wow is it sexy! I’d recommend that anyone interested in the newest craze for Android customization with a rooted device should give this a try. If you can’t find your device in the settings options, play with it! It thinks I’m using a HTC ONE x….so give it a try and give the guys who brought this to you a HUGE thanks button smash!!!!!

Google+ > Facebook….trust us!


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Social media, networking, or just trying to “stay in touch” with friends and family. In some way, shape or fashion we ALL are globally connected. Of course, some of us more than others. Before you continue reading…be warned that the following is not a comparison but a beat down…where it ends badly for the capitol blue FTo be fair I do have a Facebook account, and occasionally check and post stuff. Usually I feel my time has been wasted however……. 

The alternative to the Big blue brother is G+. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then take a look here to get an understanding of the power of Google, and the recent “trend” making it’s voice heard and placing  second in the most used  social media war. All since the summer of 2011. There’s no ignoring that little +1 tag on almost all websites you visit, as well as the “buzz” created by a new social medium. Anyone with a Gmail account is game, and the use of your account is across the spectrum. Making for a seamless experience with very little effort from the user to share their personal and business lives with the world, or just a select circle of friends.

Features, features, and oh yeah features. Almost too many to go into detail honestly, so I’ll delve into the ones that I believe make it heads and shoulders above the rest. First off, you can group all your friends in selected circles, or groups, and decide what content to share with what group, even on a per post basis. Ensuring that the bar pic you want to share with your friends isn’t seen by your boss. Or maybe it is? The choice is yours! Next is the hangout feature. Basically you can video chat with a group of your friends online, from your mobile or your PC. Obviously the mobile access to this is awesome. Connect in real time to anyone in your circles, and a group session can be spontaneous or planned, giving flexibility to your chat times! Recently they’ve added a communities section. It’s really a huge addition that gives you the ability to join communities of online people, all interested in the same things. This is also an independent collection of friends if you like, or hand select them to join your other circles. Creating an atmosphere in which you are in complete control, making fluid use of your time and posts or sharing. Check out this for even more YouTube buzz and features.

I understand that the task of migrating from the same old thing to a new one can be daunting. While G+ may not replace the others this year, or next. Second is close and for many, including myself, the transition was easy. The true task is now showing the world that their is an alternative. When I check my G+ stream I want to not only see great posts about science, technology, and news; but also my family and closest friends, and this is happening, finally. So please, download the App , scope it out, drop Facebook and tell your friends!

UCCW beauty revealed!


Eloquent yet simplified customization of your homescreen. Completely diverse UI in which the user can completely control the look, feel and function of your device. A totally new, unique way for you to stick out from the crowd and strut your stuff!

If the sound of this doesn’t entice you, then customization of your Android device may not be the blip on your radar that it is for me. New ways to make your phone yours are constantly being innovated, tweaked and built upon. However this isn’t just a replacement launcher or a theme for theme chooser, no no. It’s a new idea that understands that in Android, everything is an App or widget. Utilizing this thought process, UCCW takes you into a world of skins, themes and icon packs that in combination, can give you a totally personal and one of a kind homescreen full of style and capabilities!


Of course it will take some time for you to learn the ins and outs of the App and how to use all of the various customization tools. However, it is a very easy and well planned design which will allow you to edit and save your creations without losing any work. The above screenshot is a prime example of the unique style and all around coolness that the UCCW app can give, plus some really cool functionality to go with it. Don’t expect to build something this fancy right out of the gates, it will take some time, practice, and a little artistic vision. Having said that you will find the ease and layout of the widget building VERY easy and non intimidating. For a new user I would suggest going here to get a “feel” for the way things work. It gives you a very basic breakdown of how to implement all of the awesome features this powerhouse App has to offer! If all else fails check YouTube.

Of course, I understand that not ALL of you out there in droid verse have the time, or energy, or even CARE to devote yourselves to completely starting a UCCW creation from scratch. Fear not! There is a steady diet of fresh, completely FREE themes,widgets and skins available at your fingertips. First stop will be the Google Play Store. Her you can find both free and donate versions of various components relating to UCCW. This is work of individuals that they deemed good enough to hit the play store and wanted the world to see. This could be you one day, making beautiful things for your Android that could potentially reach millions of people, and even put some money in your pocket!


Minimal but effective

There are also different sides to be revealed. Above is a more eloquent,  refined approach to the UCCW idea. With the ability to have such varying displays and endless options, it’s no surprise this “trend” of customization has spread like wildfire. For an example of online themes, forum “talk” and endless inspiration for ideas, check out this XDA developers thread, quite nice. Be sure to thank those guys and gals for their tremendous effort and willingness to share their work! It will surely give you even more of an understanding of what UCCW is all about and what can be accomplished with this amazing tool/App. If you’re interested you can always check the App reviews in the Play Store, as well as reviews for the themes, skins and all other add- ons that are available for download there. Happy building everyone and hope you enjoy this App as much as I have!

Themes – Mianogen

If you are like me and you love to customize your smartphone (you’ll achieve much more customization features once you’ve rooted and installed a custom rom on your phone), you will find this theme very neat and classy.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you “Mianogen” theme, made by Recognized Contributor “tung91“.


Please note that these screenshots are made on a Paranoid Android ROM, with a tweaked DPI – so you will not get the same scheme for status bar, settings, sms app but you will get the same great graphics look.

Tung91 choose to replace the stock icons in AOSP ROM’s with Google JKF ones – a very smart move if you will. Those icons are so great, I wonder why Google didn’t implemented those in their Android versions until now. They are used in numerous Google apps around the world wide web, such as Google Calendar. You can find other Google icons in their G+ account: Here

As far as what made Tung91 to make this new theme, he quickly briefs us:

I just help my friend to make a CM theme and he want to make it simple as original, but replace some stock resource with MIUI’s resource to avoid “boring” and change to my favourite color – blue …. maybe you like it too , or not , but i’m just sharing it here.

Screenshot_2013-01-22-19-32-09As you can see in the above screenshot, he made a clean black background with a blue line – to match the stock ICS/Jellybean theme. The icons from the status bar are simple but yet powerful reworked. I personally like the battery icon, it seems like one of the UCCW widgets made around the xda forums. Please note that the status bar color is stock background color – which is BLACK, but as I am using PA rom, I modified the color to match more with this theme. You’ll probably tempted to say that this theme has nothing gray in it.

Until now…

In the next screenshot you will see pièce de résistance! The background of the Settings application is just beautiful! It matches so well with the JFK Icon, blue lines and with the small icons that are featured for every single setting you can make for your phone.


Let me tell you something. I am a custom ROM lover from around 2009. All my smartphones we’re rooted and boosted with custom ROMs in first two-three weeks, so I installed a lot of Themes for CM7/CM9/CM10 and I was yet to find one that I would keep for more than one week. But this theme captured me in its simplicity that I am amazed I was not temped to move to another one. Indeed, you can bring a lot of arguments, there are a lot of themes and you can easily find the one you like the most, but for me, this is the right theme to go with if you are into minimalistic stuff.

There is also a PAID version for this theme if you want to support the developer – it can be similar with the free version or it can be slightly modified. Also, Tung91 is so nice, that he made also a “paid” version – it is a link to his paypal account and he stated that you can buy the theme with your own price. You pay how much you want, he receives the payment and he will provide you a download link for the paid version. Pretty great if you ask me. The reason for this “pay how much you like” action is that, he wants to raise money to buy a One X phone.

So go check this theme, here on xda forums and if you really love it as much as I do, please do pay how much you want to support the developer who is actually paying a lot of time and resources into making your favourite smartphone to look sleek.

This theme was proudly presented to you by DroidVoid team, until the next time, Flash’n’Customize, my friends!

An App for every Android


Customization and Wallpapers Galore!

Give your Android some of your personality! Wanna stand out in the crowd? This is the App for you.


  1. wallpapers
  2. ringtones
  3. notification sounds
  4. live WP’s
  5. games
  6. online forums

So this App is an editor’s choice in the Google Play Store and rightfully so. With online forums and a TON of new media being uploaded by it’s dedicated users each day you’ll always have fresh content to choose from. The categories range from Entertainment and Games to Latin and Hip-Hop and everything in between; you’ll have it all at your fingertips in one convenient place.

This App is officially DroidVoid approved for use!