Sod..CyanogenMod 10.1 strikes AGAIN

SoD CM 10.1


Hey all you DroidVoid readers! Today I bring you the titan of all custom Rom’s, CyanogenMod 10.1 as seen through the eyes of Android Central user Va1ha11a and the screenie is from his EVO LTE. Shout out to him for getting things in order so I could post this! Now without further delay……


CM 10.1 brought to you by kushdeck over at XDA developers.


Nova Prime displaying custom icons for the Apps and folders in the dock area, with a swipe action set for each individual icon. Very cool setup there!


Pure Calendar Widget featuring the transparent skin-Tasker widget that he has set to toggle THIS custom profile-

SetCPU widget using a transparent background with a white font on top.

Beautiful Widgets THEMED with ICS original theme and the hide background and the hide time background enabled.

So there it is another fresh SoD full of custom options and ideas for your Android. Never let your screen bore you….. Keep the SoD’s coming!


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