Two Droids in One!?


That’s right…two OS versions now available on one Android device, from the FACTORY! You may or may not have heard of either of the devices I’m about to discuss but that matters not. The real issue here is the movement towards an even more personal, enjoyable experience throughout. With the option of making your phone easier to navigate for those who don’t need all those “bells and whistles”  OR choosing a custom UI designed by the OEM, this raises the bar for flexibility out of the box. Next, a tablet that boasts dual booting capabilities utilizing the SD card to boot Linux. Say you’re at home, playing your favorite game on your tablet, then suddenly realize you need to finish that report for tomorrow. No need to get up just boot from Android into Linux and get to work! All available to the user, no MODs needed. Awesome.

The Pantech flex has features that are actually quite nice for the price, if you’re on contract. Not here to sell anyone on this device, I am hoping to sell the devices capabilities and hope other OEMs follow suit! It offers both a standard and easy experience, the first being Pantech’s custom UI, the second a minimal UI with one homescreen. Maybe other manufacturers could simply make their own UI and include a standard “vanilla Android” option that Google could update as they see fit. Therefore relieving the droves of Android users with bitter tastes in their mouths from botched OEM updates, or no updates at all. This would allow ALL devices to run the latest version of Android or the custom manufacturer UI. An undertaking for Google coders no doubt, but possible if they weren’t a billion different Android devices.


With tablet PC’s taking over the market, the demands for them to do what a  laptop can do increased dramatically. So Android and Linux to the rescue, for around $100 US. PengPod is now available for pre order and should hit shelves shortly I assume. With a price like this and the ability to go from a playground to a work horse, the tablet era has emerged as a front runner in Android technology. Probably not a fore runner in the Specs department, however being able to access Linux from the SD card on demand sure would be nice. Not sure about updating the Linux version or what all it WILL boot from the SD, but rest assured this device will be in the forums soon if not already! As soon as i can I’m picking one of these up fearing they may be few and far between.


Two in one, the new Android revolution is upon us, embrace it!


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