Boot “N” #Root {apps that matter}


No Frills CPU control has been granted access for an interactive shell.

Are these words that you are familiar with? How many root users are ACTUALLY using applications that require root permissions? Well we’re here to inform all our readers not just about root permissions. No No No. Now here are some Apps that (in my opinion) make a rooted Android unbeatable in many areas.

  1. Quick Boot – this application is a life saver for any phone that has a sticky or worn out power button. Yes most custom Roms have the function built in, but I just hate mashing that little guy any more than necessary. Also allows quick access to your recovery and/or  bootloader. 
  2. Terminal Emulator – while using ADB on the PC is the usual suspect for an advanced rooted user this App can be quite useful. From flashing recoveries to writing your own scripts ALOT can be done on a device with S- OFF or full root access over all partitions. This varies depending on the current status of your device.
  3. Titanium Backup ROOT – probably one of the more common Apps used and for good reason! With the ability to back up not only your apps and their data, you can backup just about anything you can imagine that could and would be lost while ROM hopping. Of course the AOSP code (usually) installs your Apps upon signing into your Gmail account, it’s sure nice to have them at your fingertips.
  4. GooManager – an all around power house of an App. Looking for an update for your custom ROM? Forget the forums if your developer is using this amazing Dev host site than you’re in luck. Find and install Roms, gapps packages and more all from within this great App. If you’re using an open script recovery this is a seamless way to stay updated.
  5. ROM Toolbox – a great all-in-one tweaking App. This will allow you to change fonts, kernel settings, and so much more. Not ALL the options will work for ALL phones. Having said that  it still begs to be installed just to get a taste.

So there you have it.I left out one obvious App. Superuser. Done on purpose solely because I believe this is a developer or users opinion based on many variables. Now please be careful with these apps. Always create a nandroid backup if in doubt. Have fun, customize and make your phone YOURS. It’s rooted for a reason right!? Enjoy the freedom and support your Android developers by considering purchasing the Pro or donate version of your favorites. Root never felt so good…..


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